Tornadoes hit several places in east China's Jiangxi, causing serious damages

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Tornadoes hit various areas in Jiangxi Province, east China, on Saturday, causing serious damages.

The tornadoes started to batter Yichun city from 05:00 and damaged some 258 houses and affected over 2,100 residents in the city's Jing'an County.

In Jing'an's neighbor county Gao'an, the tornadoes caused direct economic losses of more than 27 million yuan, with no casualties.

In Shanghu Town, also under the jurisdiction of Yichun city, over 35 hectares of crops suffered bitterly.

Many villagers were woken up in early morning by the tornadoes.

"I was asleep when the windows started to shake. It felt like an earthquake. I woke up and found strong winds bust into and damaged all the stuff inside the house," said Kuang Xihan, a villager.

Also, tornadoes swept Taihe County, of another city -- Ji'an of the province at around 08:30. Electric substations and telegraph poles were damaged and over 27,000 residents suffered blackout.

"It started to darken at around 09:00. Within five to ten minutes, a strong wind, I believe that it was a tornado, swept here and caused damages," said a local.

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