China-House Fire/Suspect Arrested

Suspect caught in connection with fatal Jiangsu house fire

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Changshu, City, Jiangsu Province, east China - July 16, 2017
1. Various of fire engulfing house; firefighter arriving
2. Firefighter at entrance
3. Various of rubble inside burnt house
4. Various of burnt house with black walls, broken windows, doors
5. Dirty floor
6. Motorcycles
7. Burnt clothes hanging from rope
8. Various of burnt house

9. Various of rescuers at entrance
10. Various of burnt house with black walls, broken window
11. Rescuers inside house

12. Emergency Center
13. ICU
14. Injured at ICU ward
15. Doctor, officials visiting injured person
16. Various of restaurant which rented two-story building


Chinese police said they have arrested a suspect for alleged arson that killed 22 people Sunday morning in east China's Jiangsu Province.

The suspect, with the surname as Jiang, is in police custody. Local police gave no further information about the suspect.

The fire broke out at around 04:29 in a two-story residential house in the town of Yushan, Changshu City, killing 22 people and injuring three others. The injured ones had no life-threatening dangers and one has been discharged from hospital.

The building has a floor space of 200 square meters. It was rented by a local restaurant for its employees. There were 29 people in the house when the fire broke out.

A total of 24 disaster-relief teams have been set up to provide legal and mental support for the families and relatives of the victims.

A total of 14 fire engines and 71 firefighters were sent to the site. The fire was put out at 05:28.

After preliminary investigation, it has been established that it is an arson.

Further investigation is under way.

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