China-Hukou Waterfall

Rainbow over Hukou Waterfall, icicles hanging on rocks amaze visitors

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Jixian County, Shanxi Province, north China - Dec 7, 2017
1. Roaring water
2. Rainbow over Hukou Waterfall
3. Floating ice
4. Rainbow over Hukou Waterfall
5. Various of icicles hanging on rocks
6. Rainbow over Hukou Waterfall
7. Roaring water


A rainbow over the Hukou Waterfall in north China's Shanxi Province with the icicles hanging on the rocks added to the magnificence of the natural scenery.

The continuous low temperature in Jixian County in recent days led to the icicles on the rocks and guardrails on the both sides of the waterfall. The sun shined on the glazed ice and reflects wonderful colors.

The roaring waters, billowing mists, colorful rainbow and crystal icicles formed a spectacular scene, which amazed many visitors.

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