China-Tesla Shanghai Plant

Tesla to build first overseas plant in Shanghai

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Shanghai, China – July 10, 2018 (CCTV – No access Chinese mainland)
1. Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, unveiling nameplates
2. Signboards of Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Tesla (Shanghai) EV R and D Innovation Center
3. Ying, Musk shaking hands
4. Participants clapping hands
5. Memorandum signing ceremony
6. Ying witnessing memorandum signing
7. Musk witnessing memorandum signing
8. Representatives of Shanghai government, Tesla shaking hands
9. Various of participants clapping hands
10. Various of representatives of Tesla, Lingang Area Development Administration, Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co., Ltd signing documents, shaking hands, press
11. Various of Ying, Musk having meeting

FILE: Shanghai, China - Exact Date Unknown (CCTV - No access Chinese mainland)
12. Various of Tesla store, cars inside
13. Various of Tesla cars

FILE: China - Exact Date and Location Unknown (CCTV - No access Chinese mainland)
14. Various of automobile manufacturing lines


U.S. carmaker Tesla Inc. will open its first overseas plant in Shanghai, according to an agreement signed between Tesla and Shanghai municipal government on Tuesday.

The factory named Gigafactory 3, with a planned annual capacity of 500,000 electric cars, will be located in the Lingang Area, along with an electric vehicle R and D center, according to the agreement.

According to the Shanghai government, this will be the largest foreign-invested manufacturing project in the city's history, benefiting from China's gradually eased restrictions on the foreign investment shareholdings in the automobile industry.

The Shanghai government said it would give full support to the construction of the plant and improve the business environment for foreign-owned enterprises.

Tesla previously announced that it would bring its models S, X and 3 to the China International Import Expo slated for November in Shanghai.

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