China-Careless Driver/Little Girl

Careless driver runs over little girl in China’s Hubei

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Jingmen City, Hubei Province, central China - Aug 3, 2018 (CCTV - No access Chinese mainland)
1. Surveillance footage showing car coming to stop in parking area
2. Surveillance footage showing girl coming out of car, bending to tie shoes; getting run over by another car
3. Surveillance footage showing car pulling over, people getting off to offer help
4. Surveillance footage showing mother holding injured girl, passers-by gathered
5. Surveillance footage showing girl bending to tie shoes, run over by car
6. Surveillance footage showing passers-by gathering to offer help


A careless driver ran his car over a girl who was bending to tie her shoes in front of him on Friday in Jingmen City of central China's Hubei Province.

Video footage shows the girl had just gotten off her car to lace up her shoes in front of another car in the parking area, when the latter suddenly moved and ran her over.

Realizing what happened, the driver immediately pulled over and got down to offer help.

Fortunately, the girl was out of danger after receiving treatment.

Investigation shows that the driver was adjusting his navigation system when the girl bent forward, which led to the accident.

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  • Published : 2018-08-08 14:28
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