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Xi urges bringing China-ROK relations back to normal track

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Beijing, China – May 19, 2017
1. Chinese President Xi Jinping shaking hands with Lee Hae-chan, special envoy of ROK President Moon Jae-in
2. Xi shaking hands with other ROK officials
3. Meeting room
4. Officials
5. Xi speaking
6. Officials
7. Lee speaking
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9. SOUNDBITE (Chinese) Xi Jinping, Chinese president:
"China is willing to work with the ROK side to safeguard the hard-won achievements made in the development of bilateral ties."
10. Meeting room

Beijing, China – May 18, 2017
11. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi shaking hands with Lee Hae-chan
12. Various of Wang, Lee, other officials in meeting


Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday that China stands ready to work with the Republic of Korea (ROK) to bring bilateral ties back to the normal track.

Xi made the remarks during a meeting with Lee Hae-chan, who is visiting China from Thursday to Saturday as ROK President Moon Jae-in's special envoy.

Xi said as close neighbors, China and the ROK have made great progress in bilateral ties over the past 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, resulting in enormous benefits for the peoples of both countries and making great contributions to regional peace and stability.

He said the relationship between China and the ROK is at a critical stage right now.

"China is willing to work with the ROK side to safeguard the hard-won achievements made in the development of bilateral ties," said Xi.

He called on both sides to consolidate mutual political trust and properly handle divergence on the basis of mutual understanding and mutual respect so as to bring the China-ROK relations back to the normal track at an early date.

Xi said China adheres to realizing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, safeguarding peace and stability on the peninsula and resolving any issues through dialogue and coordination. This is in the common interests of China, the ROK and the region, he added.

Xi said China is willing to reinforce communication with the ROK's new government in order to ease the situation, promote denuclearization and re-start negotiation as early as possible.

Lee delivered a letter by ROK President Moon Jae-in to Xi, hailing the progress in bilateral ties in various fields in the past 25 years.

Li said the China-ROK relationship has great potential. He explained that the ROK fully understands China's major concerns, and is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with China to properly solve the problems hindering the development of bilateral relations.

He said both China and the ROK hold similar views on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, and the ROK is willing to make concerted effort with China in promoting denuclearization of the Peninsula and safeguarding peace, stability and security in Northeast Asia.

Lee arrived in Beijing on Thursday, and met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi shortly after his arrival.

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