China-Sichuan Landslide

Massive landslide in southwest China terrifies witnesses

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Mabian Yi Autonomous County, Sichuan Province, southwest China - May 5, 2018
1. Amateur video showing landslide
2. Amateur video showing landslide with man, friends fleeing the scene
3. Amateur video from the side of the landslide


A massive landslide on Saturday buried a road section in Mabian Yi Autonomous County in southwest China's Sichuan Province, terrifying the people who witnessed the disaster.

Soil and boulders estimated over 50,000 cubic meters in volume cut off a nearby road and partially blocked a nearby river.

Learning about the disaster, local government immediately deployed traffic police officers and road maintenance workers to handle the situation.

The police now cordoned off the affected section and the workers are clearing the debris from the road.

No casualties have so far been reported in the disaster.

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  • Published : 2018-05-05 21:17
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