Giant panda, golden monkeys excited by first winter snow in central China

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Shennongjia National Park, Hubei Province, central China - Nov 6, 2018 (CCTV - No access Chinese mainland)
1. Giant panda rolling around on climbing structure in snow
2. Giant panda playing among bushes, rolling down snow-covered field
3. Golden monkeys eating in snow-covered forest
4. Golden monkeys eating, jumping in snow-covered forest
5. Snow-covered forest
6. Snow-covered forest, lake
7. Various of snow-covered trees


A giant panda and golden monkeys frolicked around excitedly in the snow-covered Shennongjia National Park in central China's Hubei Province on Tuesday, as the first snowfall of winter enveloped their homes.

The flurry of snow turned the park into a white wonderland for the animals. But the cold snap didn't seemed to bother one giant panda, who leisurely rolled around in the snow. The panda seemed thoroughly amused with the appearance of snow in his enclosure as he playfully strolled among the bushes and spun around deliriously on a white-coated climbing structure.

Golden monkeys were also charmed by the appearance of snow as they rushed outside and excitedly played with each other on the snowy hillside. After enjoying their meals, they stayed among the snow-hit forest and jumped up and down on trees, seemingly in love with their white paradise.

Snowflakes covered many scenic areas across the Shennongjia park, forming a beautiful and serene winter time painting.

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